Morrison EcoHeat

Morrison EcoHeat is a renewable and efficient solution for domestic hot water production.

These models are optimised to heat water up to 55 degrees only with heat pump operation, which translates to higher useful volume of accumulated hot water.

Furthermore, the system incorporates an advanced controller with multiple functions allowing adaptation to any user consumption habit to maximize their savings.


The Benefits

Reduces energy use by up to 60%.
Smart controller design with 3 operating modes. Touch panel.
Possibility of dehumidifying and refreshing ambient air.
Extracts heat from sun, rain and air.
Aluminium condenser fitted around the tank.
Automatic anti-legionella function.
DHW up to 55ºC with heat pump operation.
High quality cylinder made of SS DUPLEX.
Compliant with Eco-design and Eco-labelling.

Top quality cylinder

The entire range of buffer tanks is manufactured in 2205 Duplex stainless steel the highest quality on the market for this application.

In addition, all tanks are insulated with polyurethane foam free of CFCs and HCFCs, complying with market requirements.

  • No sacrificial anode
  • Inert high precision welding
  • Increases thermal transfer, heating faster
  • 5 year guarantee on the buffer tank (*see conditions)
  • CFC free isolation


Advanced controlled

  • Touchscreen
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Automatic Antillegionella disinfection: Automatically the
    system carries out a thermal shock disinfection avoiding any
    possibility of bacterial growth.
  • Screen lock
  • Specific alarms setted to avoid any possible anomalies
  • Operating modes: ECO, AUTO, BOOST

Optional Wi-fi

The user can access the control of his equipment remotely.

Individual or multiple installations

Technical data


Floor Mounted


Wall Mounted

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