Morrison EcoHeat EH160-200-260

Morrison Air Source Heat Pump - EcoHeat EH160-200-260

Maximum Reliability & High Efficiency

The Morrison EcoHeat standard range is updated to offer maximum reliability and high efficiency. Products manufactured under the highest quality standards allow for up to 10 years of guarantee on the buffer tank.

Advanced control and connectivity with the option of time scheduling, operation monitoring, and accumulation of thermal energy with connection to photovoltaic panels. The finish is available in white colour or stainless steel.


Connectivity – WiFi
Finished – Stainless steel / White
Control – Touch
Stainless steel – 2205/444
Assembly – Easy
Installation – Floor
Combine with – Photovoltaic
DHW – 55°C


  • Hot water up to 55ºC in heat pump mode
  • Maximum reliability and high efficiency
  • Energy savings up to 75% compared to a traditional electric water heater
  • Until 10 years guarantee on buffer tank
  • Great volume of hot water always available
  • Smart control system, which allows time scheduling
  • Integrated interface device on the system
  • Standard recirculation socket
  • Anti-corrosive without the need for a sacrificial anode
  • Automatic anti-legionella disinfection
  • Low acoustic impact fans

Technical Data

Model Power range, kW Measurements (AxBxC), mm Water connections, pulg.
EH160 1.2 – 2 587x585x1297 ¾
EH200 1.2 – 2 587x585x1527 ¾
EH260 1.2 – 2 587x585x1945 ¾

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